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Current and Former Students, Please Check In

(Lisa) #149

Hi Chris,

I’m a current student in CT working on my private certificate. I’m in the stage which is close to my check ride right now. Unfortunately I changed school once from New York (KHPN) to Connecticut (KOXC) because of the deficiency of instructors and the busyness of the airport. I had 3 hours training in the a certified simulator which is logged as AATD in my logbook at first school. Does is count to 3hours instrument time for my practical test? Because the second school tried to ask me do the 3hours instrument again.
By the way, the weather here in Northeast is really bad, either gusty or low visibility. I’m searching for a location with better weather in April for my instrument training. Do you have recommendation for the area which allows to fly everyday?
Thank you in advance!




Have you asked your instructors why they want you to take the additional 3hrs in the sim? Perhaps they feel you need to brush up on your skills?

As far as the weather goes not sure if you’ve looked but the weather is pretty gnarly all across the US. That said I’m pretty sure the weather will improve everywhere by April.


(Christian Hemenway) #151

The other question is what did the instructor work with you in the sim? If you did not do any simulated IFR conditions you will need to.

(Trey) #152


Did you complete the 3 hours required instrument training in an aircraft as well or just log three hours in the AATD? Looking at the FARs, it appears that you can only credit sim time if it was received with an instructor in an FTD or FMS. An AATD would not count. Take a look at 61.109(k).

Of course, your instructor and staff have the final say. I’m just trying to point you towards the regulation that covers this subject.

Good luck, Trey

(Lisa) #153


Thank you for your information. I’m going to call the examiner on Monday and clarify the issue.


(Lisa) #154

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your message. There is 3h instrument time required by PPL Checkride. It’s not clear whether the sim time counts to the 3h instrument time. Anyway, i’ll call the examiner to clarify on Monday.

Thank you!

(Justin Jackson) #155

Checking in here. Current student at the FXE location. Started on July 16th 2018 and passed my Commercial Multi-Engine yesterday! Scheduled for my SE add on this coming Tuesday then off to CFI school at DAB on the 25th.

About 6 1/2 months in! Good timing :smiley:

(Tom Tolento) #156

Justin were you starting from Zero or with Private credit?

Also congrats on passing the Comm ME.



Congratulations and welcome to the world of professional aviation. Just a few more check rides and you will actually be getting paid to fly :slight_smile:


(Noah Lindsey) #158

Hello everyone!

I just posted an in-depth update on what I’ve been doing, currently doing, and hope to be doing in the future here “Flying” through the program

To summarize;
I was a student at the Atlanta FFC location from June 2017-December 2017,
Instructor at the same location from December 2017-August 2018,
and am now a First Officer for a Corporate flight department.
I still intend on going to a regional sometime next year!

Noah L

(Arthur) #159

I was one of the last self paced students ATP had. I went to the GKY location from Setember 2015 - March 2017. I went to CFI school at LZU and received my sign off for the ground portion but could not get signed off for the flight portion so I never became a CFI. I ferried Cessna 172/182s across the country for a dealer for about a couple months before I became an F.O. for Great Lakes Airlines in Denver. I rode that job until I was furloughed at 578 hours in March of 2018. I was hired by a 135 Charter literally right down the road from my house in April 2018 to fly a Citation II (C550). Two weeks ago I finished my second type rating for the same company and have a PIC type rating for the Citation 500 series and Citation 650 series. Sitting at just over 800 hours total time in my log book. Currently unsure of my next move at the moment. I currently make more than most regional FOs and unlike most pilots I hardly ever spend a night away from the family so quality of life is amazing right now.