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Current and Former Students, Please Check In

(Peter Banning) #129

Nice job, Kyle! Which one of your ratings did you find to be the most difficult to obtain?

(Kyle) #130


In general, I’d say the Comm SE was the one I was most worried about just because of the lack of time you get to practice those SE maneuvers. For CFI, the MEI was the hardest mostly just because it’s the initial and you have to cover a lot of topics and flight maneuvers. For my MEI check ride, the oral was about 6 hours and the flight was 2.7.



That is excellent news! Congratulations! Thanks for the update and please keep posting as you build your hours.


(Tory) #132

Great work, Kyle! Maybe I’ll poke my head in and say hi when Horizon starts flying out of PAE.


(Tucker) #133

This is awesome to hear! Welcome to the team of ATP instructors!!!

(Arturo Baster) #134

Update, I recently was accepted into the Envoy Cadet program! After a relatively stressful interview (mostly because I studied for Jep plates but never used one in real life) I was offered the position. I will continue to instruct at ATP’s DAB location and upon reaching mins slide straight into the next class date.
Timeline has been Aug 2017 started ATP 0 time, May 2018 program complete after a few weeks of weather delays etc, July 2018 began position as CFI and now October 2018 secured benefits, tuition reimbursement and flow to AA. Incredible to think two years ago it was only a dream. Now I’m 750 hours away, will keep you guys updated!



That is fantastic news! Congratulations! Please continue to update us as you progress through your career.


(Jordan Lascomb) #136

Hey all - in my 2nd week of training with Southwest Airlines. Started from zero time back at CRG in March of 2013. Blue skies to all!

(Peter Banning) #137

Wow. Teach me your ways…

(Zachary Porter) #138

Wow nice! My gf’s dad is a captain there! Congrats, have fun!

(Sergey Kireyev) #139

Arturo! You are the man!!!