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Current and Former Students, Please Check In

(Kyle) #109

I had already heard good things about the CFI training at the LZU location, so that’s good to hear that they’re still working to improve it even more.

If I’m still around working on my CFI SE or FII in September then I’ll see you there, but I’m hoping to be completely done before the end of August. Are you doing CFI school there in September, or are you starting as a new student?

(Zachary Porter) #110

I will be starting as a new student


I am officially starting at the Phoenix - Mesa location September 17th. Currently scheduled for my PPL written next week, and plan to get instrument and commercial done before heading down to Phoenix!


Great. Now knock out as many of those writtens as you can!

(Peter Banning) #113

I finished up my instrument training today! Approximately 3 weeks ahead of schedule.

Checkride prep is scheduled for next week, but it looks like there could be a bit of a delay for a checkride date, so that may slow me down.

It’s been an absolute blast so far, and I can’t believe it’s moving so quickly. My instructors have been incredible, and the entire ATP staff here in Denver has been over the top helpful in every way imaginable.



I am glad things are going so well, thank you for the update and for sharing your experiences. Let us know about the checkride.


(ea) #115

hey Chris,

So I’m an incoming college student and I’m planning to take the course Bachelor of Science in Aviation Major in Flying which covers both ppl and cpl… but someone said to me that it is hard to apply on an airline in other country if that’s the course I will graduate. Is it true? I hope you can answer this because I’m becoming confused. Thanks!



Different countries have different laws regarding licensing and training. Some transitions are fairly easy (Asia and the Middle East for example) and other extremely difficult (Europe and the UK). Regardless I don’t believe your BS in Aviation will be an issue. Again it’s more about licensing and having the right to work.

I would think the college your attending (ie, the people taking your money) can better advise you.


(Kamrin) #117

Hey guys! I just spent the last 7 weeks training and today I passed my type ride for the Embraer 120 Brasilia! It goes without saying that the training at ATP definitely prepared me for the fast paced airline training environment. It was really cool to see how many former ATP guys were in my new hire class. And even cooler, one of the guys was one of Tory’s former students. I’m looking forward to flying this new airplane all around the Caribbean.


VERY COOL Kamrin and Congrats! You made it bud!




That is fantastic! Congratulations. I expect to see a picture of you in the cockpit posted shortly; that is the only fee required for this website :slight_smile:


(Kamrin) #120

Alright, alright. Fixed it up above. :joy::joy::joy:

(Tory) #121

AWESOME! Happy to hear you guys both made it through. Not that I was worried :wink:


(Kyle) #122

I finally have another update to add. I passed my MEI check ride yesterday and feel relieved to finally have my biggest check ride so far done! I’m hoping to get my add ons done quickly and am looking forward to beginning instructing!



That is awesome, congratulations! What are your plans for after you finish the program?


(Kyle) #124

I would like to instruct at the location I trained at, PAE. I would also take TIW. Not looking forward to the winter, but it’s a great place to fly in the Spring/Summer.


Good, let us know when you start, please.

(Kyle) #126

I passed my single engine add on to my flight instructor certificate yesterday. FII is scheduled for September 14th. I’m also all set to go instruct in Seattle at the PAE location when I finish stands as well!



That is great news! Congratulations and thanks for the update :slight_smile:


(Kyle) #128

Last update on training: I have officially completed all my CFI add-ons and instructor standardization with ATP and will begin instructing at the PAE location starting tomorrow! I’m super excited!