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Current and Former Students, Please Check In


Fantastic Kamrin!

Very happy for you bud, congrats!




That is fantastic news, congratulations!

Thanks for the update and good luck with your new endeavors.

While you are in BQN, make sure to check it this old gal:


(Kamrin) #91

Thanks! Peter. I have been wanting to go this route for a while. I just didnt think I would get picked up as soon as I did. I was very persistent in expressing interest to work there, I spoke to as many employees as possible, and I did a whole lot of studying up on the company. I will be flying routes all around the Caribbean!

(Kamrin) #92

Thanks Adam and Chris! I will make sure to look for the conny. The last one I saw was the one from my home state, the West Virginia air guard one that is displayed at the Smithsonian Museum near Dulles. I have a feeling I will get to see a variety of cool older planes that are still in use once I move down there!

(Edward Netcher) #93

Wow it sounds like ATP has exploded since I left. I did the program from November 2006 to April 2007. I chose not to instruct at ATP and went on instructing in Livermore, CA. I then moved on to Ameriflight in Oakland and Salt Lake. I got lucky and got hired by the Forest Service in 2010. Thought I would retire from the Forest Service but life changes rapidly. I’m now married with three kids and looking to get on with the airlines to spend more time at home. If anybody has questions about government flying feel free to ask. Glad to see all the new students doing well and the program expanding. It was a great flight school with a lot of great people.


(Angel) #94

Mann that’s amazing! Congratulations! Guess you’ll be flying back home PR!

(Kyle) #95

Another update: I passed my Commercial ME check ride today. I was more nervous about this one than I was with instrument, and the weather was interesting with some strong winds today, but I managed. Now I have a couple flights to practice the Comm SE maneuvers, Comm SE check ride on Monday, then hopefully on to CFI school ASAP.



Will you finish up already! I’m tired of saying congrats! :wink:

Nice job.




Congratulations and welcome to the world of professional aviation. Thanks for the update, keep them coming.


(Kyle) #98

Adam, this will be the last one for a couple months, I promise. :stuck_out_tongue: I passed my commercial SE add-on today and am done with my training here at the PAE location. I’m currently scheduled to start CFI school on July 2nd in Atlanta, and I’m pretty stoked for that!


I’m gonna hold you to that!

Nice job!




That is great news, congratulations!

Let us know how CFI school goes, please.


(Cesar Enrico Paredes) #101

Hey guys! I’m officially a former ATP student!
As of June 13 I officially joined the ATP IP (instructor) lines at Daytona Beach! Hope I can meet some and all of you!




That is fantastic. Welcome to the ATP family! Please keep us up to date as you progress through instructing.



VERY cool Cesar!

Wasn’t that long ago you were bothering us with silly questions and now YOU’RE the one giving the answers! :wink:

Circle of life my brother.


(Cesar Enrico Paredes) #104

Thanks Guys! Really excited tonjump inbob the opposite side of where I started! Feels good and at the same time the responsibility sinks in. What a feeling, almost like soloeing for the first time!


(Zachary Porter) #105

@Kpounder which Atlanta location are you going to?

(Kyle) #106

That has not been specified yet. I was just told Atlanta generally. But to my understanding, the Lawrenceville (LZU) location is the only Atlanta location that has CFI school. I’m not 100% sure, though.

(Zachary Porter) #107

I will see you there in September!

(Zachary Porter) #108

Also when I was just there visiting, they were in the process of completely updating the training room/curriculum. I guess the guy who used to run the school there is now in charge of all of the CFI schools in the region, and is trying to make them all the same so every school you get the same learning experience. So you might be arriving at the perfect time to learn