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No, I remembered, but we never flew together there. I am pretty sure you gave me a ride back to ORF one early morning after a red-eye though.


Why go all the way to HNL when Jersey offers so much more? It is the garden state after all.


One of these days…


(T. Rivers) #70

Hi Tom,

(Sorry, I don’t think I can send you a private message… Totally out of topic here :frowning:)

Do you still live in San Diego ? I live in San Diego too and I was wondering if you will agree to meet and exchange your student experience with me ?

Thank you

(T. Rivers) #72

On March 2nd you posted that you headed San Diego… :thinking: Didn’t mean to “scare” you. :slight_smile:


“Golfing day”??? You guys are killing me, every single day should be study day.



If you would like a tour, you should call the admissions department and schedule a tour as opposed t just showing up. If you schedule, the company will make sure than a Flight Instructor is available to give you a tour and answer all of your questions.


(Jeff F) #76

Hey, I’m a former student. I started with my private license already and just did the multi engine add on. I love flying and find it relaxing, but the ten days I spent were quite stressful and I realized a few months later it was just a wrong fit with my instructor and the way I learn. I got a job on a cruise ship after and spent almost three years doing that. I met a Delta international pilot who recommended I get back into it while working on the ships. And now I’m at the point looking into re starting this.

Did many of you find you had much time interacting and studying with anyone else? Or was it a lot of solo study and working with your instructor? I feel like the experience would be different going to a training center devoting my time to it rather than living at home like I did with the LGB training center. While I know having housing saves costs, in the end the training and knowledge was the important factor.



I am a little confused as to how one negative experience led to you giving up on flying for three years. A simple change of instructors or even flight schools if necessary probably would have sufficed.

I am one that prefers to study on my own, so that is what I did during the program. However, many people study in groups and there is generally plenty of interaction with other students.


(Jeff F) #78

I didn’t realize the instructor issues until later. It had also been two years since I had gotten my private license and had already been working on cruise ships in between that time, so I was refreshing my old knowledge, adding on the multi-engine knowledge and I had to make up 35 hours in 2 and a half weeks to begin the program with 100 hours total flying time which was the requirement. It was multiple days where I put the pressure on myself thinking I was behind that caused me to stop training at that point, not just one incident.
The last years have also changed my perspective overall for a career and work ethic as to what I want to do and how I’d pursue it.



So what’s you plan now?


(Jeff F) #80

I’d like to plan how I’ll approach getting back into training. Last time was living at home, not quite as mature, and didn’t really know myself. Now I’m prepared for longevity. I’d like to start at the latest the beginning of next year, sooner pending finances. And I’d like to have the basic knowledge refreshed to start. Last time I rushed back into brushing up my private SEL knowledge, plus building hours, plus the new multi engine add on. I know there’s stress built into it because decision making comes under high stress situations, but I could have had other parts prepared that I didn’t last time.



Sounds like a good idea. Let us know if we can help.


(Nicole Hawkins) #82

I just solo’d, but have been grounded due to crazy Florida weather. Trying to work on my dual cross country so I can solo cross country. I’ve been getting in checkride prep mode while waiting for Florida to be done with it’s tantrum.



Congratulations on the solo! That is awesome.


(Sergey Kireyev) #84

Awesome news, Nicole! How did it feel to be up there by yourself?

(Nicole Hawkins) #85

It was amazing! It’s definitely a confidence builder for sure.

(Nicole Hawkins) #86

Thank you Chris, Indeed it was awesome!

(Kamrin) #87

Time for another update!
Last week, I was offered a position as an FO on the Embraer 120 working for a large part 135 cargo operator. I will initially be based in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. This job offer comes exactly 11 months after my start date at ATP.
I instructed at ATP for 2 months before moving to my current instructing/contract position for a couple of months. At my current school, there is one other ATP grad employed, and he and I both agree that our experience at ATP has us much more prepared to become professional aviators.

(Peter Banning) #88

That’s fantastic, Kamrin! How did you stumble upon that job? Where all will you be flying?