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Current and Former Students, Please Check In

(Blake Grace) #42

Nice. I flew a few hours over there. Know Kyle & Mr. Bill, Collin etc.

I’ll be out of here by July but maybe we’ll catch each other!

(Jared Latimer) #44

I’m registered to start July 9th a KGKY (Arlington, TX). Super excited! It been a long time dream to fly, but has been a long struggle to get financing. At 33, I’m ready to work hard for the next 2 years (including instructing) to make this career switch.
In the few weeks, until I start, my wife and I are preparing ourselves for the switch, I’m winding down two jobs, and studying for my knowledge tests. Plan to take my PAR in the next couple weeks and then start working on my IRA, FII, CAX, FOI, FAI.

(Earv) #45

I’m currently in week two of CFI school. A lot of information…



I understand the frustration with changing instructors, but trust me, when it is your turn to go to the airlines, you won’t be waiting one day extra. Remember, the airlines are the goal.




Thanks for the update. Keep them coming.




Thanks for the update, let us know when you start flying, please.




It is a lot of information, but you are almost to the end, just a few more weeks.


(Cesar Enrico Paredes) #50

Update! Finished all my cfi certificates by passing my CFII today! Stands monday and back to instruct at DAB ! What a ride! Study doesnt stop though!


(Kyle) #51

Update: I finished my crew cross country flying earlier today, and it was a ton of fun! My crew partner and I took a Skyhawk from the Tacoma location and we flew all the way down the west coast, over to Mesa, and then back into California and up the coast again to Tacoma. In all, it took a week; spanning 13 flights and a little over 30 hours of flying. We covered a wide variety of terrain, including the Pacific Ocean, and flew in a wide range of weather from IMC in the Northwest to the hot and dry desert of Arizona. It was one of the coolest experiences ever, but now i’m ready to start commercial training in the Seminole.



That sounds like an awesome cross-country experience, I would love to do flying like that.

Thanks for the update, keep them coming.


(Tory) #53

Sounds like a good route! You guys covered a lot of ground. Glad you enjoyed it. Best part of the program in my opinion.



That sounds fantastic. That’s the kind of trip you will literally never forget!


(Allen ) #55

Which socal location are you at? I wouldn’t mind taking the housing option if it’s available

(Sergey Kireyev) #56

Hey, Enrico. I’m considering the DAB location to start this summer. I saw that there are about 19 instructors there. Any idea about the student/instructor/aircraft ratio?

(Cesar Enrico Paredes) #57

Hi Sergey!

Glad you are considering Daytona as one of your options. Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to answer your question as I am out of Daytona for the next 5 weeks. Best thing to do is contact admissions at 904-595-7934 for more detailed info or just call at 1-800-255-2877 for more info.


(Kamrin) #58

Long time no see guys, so just checking in. I left ATP Richmond as an instructor near the end of March. I spent a few weeks at home doing some instructing for some pilot friends at my local airport, as well as flying some trips in a cessna 421 and a beechcraft baron. One of those trips took me down to Sun ‘n’ Fun down in Lakeland, FL where I had the chance to meet up with some of the guys from my time at ATP Tampa. I then moved out to Olive Branch, Mississippi which is near Memphis to start instructing and to fly King Airs. I’m still in the process of deciding my next step but I am looking into part 135 work for a while to get a feel for that side of flying. Keep working guys, it’s worth it in the end! I travelled all around the midwest today and am writing this from KSBN! And as always, thanks to everyone on here for being such great mentors!



Thanks for checking in and letting us know what you are up to. The King Air is a pretty impressive airplane!




Sounds like your getting some great experience and having a good time as well which what this is all about.

Keep us posted and keep it up!



Yes, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

We trained at the same time back in Manassas, Virginia.


And at ExpressJet… how quickly you forget :wink: