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Connections to the majors

(daisy caez) #1

Hi Chris,

Now this might be a very dumb question but I figured I would ask anyway. Is there any kind of social events for students to meet “higher level” people in the hiring process for majors to try to get in during regionals? :slight_smile:




Not sure I’d call them “social events”? There are many pilot organizations in this country and the events are usually associated with one of their annual conventions. One that would/should be of interest to you would be WIA (Women in Aviation). Recruiters from virtually every airline in the country attend. There are others as well. Obviously you have some time before you need to make room in your schedule for a visit.


(Jordan Lascomb) #3

Hey Daisy,

As Adam said, WAI is a great organization and their yearly event is wonderful to get involved in if you want exposure early on in your career. It is massive and occurs every March - 2019 will be held in Long Beach, CA. There are also many other job fairs and pilot events outside of this one though.

It is also never a bad idea to make your own connections. I called the HQ of the company that I wanted to work for, and was able to get a meeting with the chief pilot. I made many connections through this and it led to me starting with my dream major!

With how early on you are in you career, it’s great that you’re doing so much research and planning ahead. I’d suggest looking into mentor opportunities, as it can be incredibly useful in networking and general motivation since you seem to be so interested.

Good luck!

(Sergey Kireyev) #4

Congrats on the move, Jordan! Fly and spread the Love :heart:️ (corny pun, I know, my specialty) :joy::joy::joy: If you end up flying with a “mean” Captain with the last name of Russell, let me know. I’ll straighten him out! :wink: