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Check-list order before starting

(Rob S) #21

From what I remember it was about 3-4 weeks to just be picked up in the queue by TSA and then the actual processing of the background check was only a day at most as I had all my information sorted before, all address history etc, so they didn’t need to query anything. Then once I had my fingerprints done, which had a few day turnaround time to get an appointment as you’re working with private companies at this stage usually, it was then about a week back in queue for processing. So you will probably be cutting it very close with your timeline.

(Jason Francis) #22

Adam: Nope. Not what I thought. Thanks for the reply.

My point was that I have an annual physical at my current employer with an EKG while running on a treadmill, among other things, so I was wondering if they would review recent information in addition to their own AME testing. This would make the process faster than starting from scratch as if the FAA had never heard of me.

It’s not a relevant question anyway in hindsight, just was curious about anyone else’s experiences with an expired medical, since it’s all new to me.



The FAA relies strictly on their own testing for medical certificated. If you need an EKG, it will be administered during your exam.


(Johan H Perez Lundqvist) #24

@michelle_canaria After reading these comments I went ahead and started my application for the TSA approval last week. I had my fingerprints taken last night and this morning i got final approval to start training. So, the process was a lot faster than I ever could have imagined, 3 business days. I obviously can’t guarantee that the process is the same for everyone, but I wouldn’t worry too much if I were you.



(Michelle Canaria) #25

Wow that was quick! I can have a sigh of relief now. Thanks for the update @Johan!