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CFI and Regional Carrier Placement

(Blake Johnson) #1

When you complete all the licenses and start teaching to build up time, do you have a choice in where you teach or is it up to where ATP needs teachers? Ie could you teach at or close to the school you took the program?

Can you apply for carriers close to you or is it national and whoever gives you a job?



ATP assigns instructors to locations where they are in need and where the instructor will get the most flight time. The company does try to meet location requests but cannot guarantee it. Also, if you are working at one location and your preferred one opens up they will transfer you if you are next on the list for that location. I worked at three different ATP locations, I started far away from home and eventually got back to the location where I was from.

As a pilot you will apply to the airlines individually, you can apply to the ones that are closest to where you live or be less specific and apply to all of them. I applied to everybody and took the first one to offer me a job, but other people are more specific and wait until they get hired at their airline of choice.




After I posted this response I learned that ATP’s policy has recently changed. Now, when a potential CFI is offered a job he/she can chose from one of the locations that are available at the time, this is usually about 20 or so. Once you chose a location you will generally finish out your time instructing there. The nice part is that you now know your location before you accept the job. Sorry for the confusion.


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Well that’s good to know you have a choice. Great thanks


Anytime, that is what we are here for.