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Cape Air to Horizon Pathway Program

(Tory) #1

This came through on my LinkedIn feed. No doubt the shortage created this relationship. Haven’t been able to find more details about it. I would call Cape Air or Horizon if you’re interested.


(Kyle) #2

That’s pretty neat! I’m still enjoying instructing for ATP and I’ll probably stay here a while longer but I’ve looked into at some Part 135 jobs and haven’t really seen much of anything that interests me. A pathway from a part 135 operator to Horizon is definitely intriguing to me.

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(Tory) #3


In this day and age, it’s not necessary to have 135 experience to get hired by a regional, but they’re presenting a way to have some peace of mind to anyone that wants to not only fly for Horizon some day, but also diversify their flight experience. I think a pathway program from 135 to 121 also provides Horizon with more security that their active pilot pool is replenished.

If you’re interested, you could be one of the first to pioneer the new program!