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Can I become a pilot with a criminal record?


(Trey) #23

Well that escalated quickly…

Its been said many times before on this forum: own mistakes, accept responsibility, and learn for the future. Scapegoating and projection never impresses a hiring authoirity, whether its an airline or any other professional organization. While we all make mistakes, how we react to those mistakes makes a huge difference.

I would not care to spend 5 minutes in a flight deck with someone who displays this poor of an attitude.

(Peter Banning) #24

Well, this thread has unexpectedly chapped my ass to start the day.

I have been responsible for hiring in several industries, ranging from restaurants to multi-national non-profit organizations, and I wouldn’t hire you to bus tables at an Applebee’s, much less put you in charge of a piece of equipment potentially worth hundreds of millions of dollars. And that has absolutely nothing, zero, NADA to do with your affinity for smoking pot when you were 20 - and everything to do with your attitude and whatever this facade of PRIDE is.

You came here and asked a question to the mentors on this forum who are not only volunteering their time, but have been responsible for making the very decision you’re asking about. Then, because you didn’t actually come here looking for answers, but for someone to pat you on the head - you got your feelings hurt and became defensive and rude.

Tons of people make mistakes when they’re young. Tons of people get hired to do important jobs down the road - despite those mistakes.

Not many people get hired to safely operate millions of dollars of equipment and hundreds of peoples’ lives after making those mistakes and then refusing to take ownership of those mistakes. Frankly, you sound like a miserable person to share a cockpit with.

Get over yourself.

(TX) #25

“Considering I was falsely accused on all charges except the drinking”

“yeah I smoked a little pot when I was 20”


(Bucky) #26

Sounds like you think you know what Airlines are looking for already and that you have all of the answers already, so why are you even asking for people’s opinions? You couldn’t possibly of thought you were going to see people tell you that you could expect sympathy could you?