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Hey Guys & Gals,

When I was a kid growing up I was bitten by the avaiatikn bug. I’ve been so in love with planes and aviation ever since. I am now 25 years old just married. I have a sales job that barley pays. My wife and I are both paying off loans and are in a tight spot financially. Over the past couple months I have been really considering flight training (ATP in particular). This past month I have officially decided to go for it. I have somewhat of a timeline, but the only thing stopping me is financing. I am not able to get a loan for that amount, and I can’t ask for family or friends to co-sign. Can someone give me any advice?

Shawn M
(Aspiring commmerical pilot)


Hey Shawn,

Not sure what an avaiatikn bug is (sounds nasty) or about barley pay (do they pay you in grain?) but we’ll forget those :slight_smile:

Unfortunately money is often the biggest obstacle people encounter on their way to a career in aviation. I’m not going to lie, if you can’t get a loan or a co-signer it’s going to be tough. The only other option would be to pay as you go at your local flight school to at least get the ball rolling or perhaps the military? Other than that I’d suggest you tighten your belt and work hard to pay down your existing debt. Unfortunately there’s no Magic Bullet I’m aware of?




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Adam is right in that financing is typically the biggest obstacle that people face, it was for me. I was lucky enough to have a co-signer, if I didn’t I would not have been able to qualify.

The good news is that you are only 25. I suggest that you really buckle down, pay off those debts as quickly possible and then reapply for financing. If you really make your finances a priority you will be able to get there. It might involve skipping some meals out, driving an older car or not upgrading to the newest iphone right away, but I think you will find that it is possible.

I would also really focus on that sales job, make it a lucrative enough job that you can afford it.

Don’t lose faith, time is on your side.