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Aviation Degree Question

(John Miller) #1

Hello all,

Currently have a 4-year degree in Criminal Justice. I’m considering the best path for ATP and have been looking into Liberty University Aviation Science degree. Will an aviation degree greatly increase my chances at getting hired? I also don’t have the best GPA on my current degree (2.7 average). I was thinking another degree would give me a chance to increase my GPA if that is considered by airlines. What is the most cost effective/fastest path to to ATP?

Thanks in advance.

(Tory) #2


Airlines don’t need to see a degree in aviation. Any degree is fine. Also, your GPA shouldn’t be an issue. Key word: shouldn’t. It may have been in the past. Not so much these days.

It sounds like you’re in the beginning stages of researching your path to the airlines. Start reading the FAQ section.

Not sure I understand what you mean by most cost effective way to ATP? Do you mean ATP rating? Or ATP Flight School? I think you mean rating? If so, a fast track program would be my answer. Myself and the other mentors chose ATP. So, that’s the one we recommend. There are others out there. You need to decide which path is right for you.

Let us know if you have other questions.




I will be honest, your GPA is not great. That being said, it will not be an issue at the regional level at all and I am not sure how much it will affect you at the majors, if it all.

Take a look at the FAQ section as many of your questions will be fully addressed there.