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ATP Housing: Desk

(Charles Achziger) #1

My move in date is Feb. 2nd at the Mesa location. I want to bring my computer with 2 monitors along. Wanted to know if there is enough space for it? Is there a small desk I could put it on, or could I buy a small one and put it somewhere?




I recommend you call Admin for a definitive answer and different locations have different housing situations.

Could you not perhaps compromise and bring a single monitor?


(Charles Achziger) #3

Thanks Adam,
I’ll go ahead and do that.
I could bring just 1 monitor, but I only need about 2 1/2 feet across of desk space to fit them both.


I have to ask, why do you need two monitors?

I have it not used a desktop as my personal computer since I was hired at the airlines. Portability is the name of the game.


(Charles Achziger) #5

I don’t need 2, just ease of use.
Not using 2 after 6 years of using 2 will feel wrong, but if need be I will use 1.

(Caleb Shearer) #6


When I was looking into ATP housing they said that it was a doubled up room but each provided with the basics i.e. bed, desk, night stand. You shouldn’t have a problem and will be able to fit your tower and both monitors pretty easily from what I’ve seen. I also run a double monitor setup and definitely understand the increased ease of use and wanting to keep that. You should be fine, though in this profession it won’t last forever.