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Arlington, tx starting in January 2019

(Zach Powell) #1

Just wanted to see if there is anyone else out there planning to start at Arlington in January

(Lindsay R Davis) #2

What school? I was hoping to start in January aswell. I’m in Irving, TX and haven’t picked a school yet.

(Zach Powell) #3


(Lindsay R Davis) #4

I’m looking into ATP for sure!
Are you staying in ATP housing?
If your loan is already approved, how long did it take for you and did you use a cosigner?


I will be starting close to that time, but I’ll be at the Addison location. I still need to swing by the Arlington location just to see it first hand before I make my final decision.

(Zach Powell) #6

I’m looking into buying a house or at least renting. I’m married with 2 dogs lol. And I’m waiting until we sell our house here in Kansas before I apply for financing. Planning on making a trip down to check out the campus within the next month or so