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Anyway to get flying school paid for or scholarships?

(Maxine Schmeidler) #1

Our child has loans from Undergraduate school, about 50K. Wants to be a commercial pilot. Totally awesome, what is his best way of getting funding without loosing his whole life paying off the loans. Am I just dreaming that it’s a possibility?



Flying is expensive and unfortunately the cost is probably the biggest obstacle most aspiring pilots encounter. There are no scholarships I’m aware of (and I’ve been doing this a while). For most it comes down to loans or waiting and using savings. I would say the majority of pilots have both student and flight training loans and none (I know) have lost their lives doing so.




I think Adam meant that there are NOT scholarships available. Almost all of us have taken out education or flight training loans at some point and we are all still here to talk about it. Education costs money, but it buys opportunity.



Thanks Chris, sometimes my fingers work independent of my brain! :wink:

(Zach Bailey) #5

That’s a link to the Aerospace Scholarchip Guide for 2018. You might not be able to cover the entire cost of training, but every little bit helps. Also the podcast is very educational and informative when it comes to pathways to a career in aviation, mostly focusing on commercial pilot.