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American Airlines Cadet Program Application

(Stuart Redman) #133

Just a heads up, check your credit before getting too deep into the process. Applied for the loan, with blind optimism, thinking my credit was good because I’ve not missed a payment on anything. Was denied, and found an account incorrectly placed on my report. In the dispute process with the creditor now, and reapplying in the next few months (just for the loan, still able to get into AA for a year) and hoping for the best. No credit i’ve heard is fine, but be careful if there is any red flag.

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(Zackary Gwaltney) #134

Hey everyone, I just received an invitation to Forth Worth for an interview and aptitude test for the cadet program. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they brought anything special, log books, medical etc. the itinerary they sent was very vague and was wondering if anyone could shine some light on this. Thank you.

(Jarrod Schaub) #135

Id like to know this also.

(Muhamed Idriss) #136

You can bring it to be safe but they tell you to leave all your stuff. “You won’t need it.”

(Stacie Schuchardt) #137

Congratulations to all of you for being invited to the in person interviews. You don’t need to bring anything with you (a clean copy of your resumé is always a good idea however.) Come dressed professionally and ready to be present and engaged for the day. The group interview is really fun, the pilot skills test not so much. Good luck and do your best!

(Michael Larson) #138

Stuart and Stacie,

I visited CTI in TN a few weeks ago; met a couple current AA Cadets and CTI instructors. Cadets were very happy with their training and were enjoying the Diamond aircraft. Instructors were top notch and truly care about your development. I took a look at several of the planes in their fleet, all were in great condition. Maintenance center in house. Overall very impressed with their program.

I just completed my video interview and hope to get an invite to DFW!

Cheers and congrats to you both!

Michael Larson

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(Joel Chen) #139

Got accepted back in December and will be attending American Flyers in June! Anyone else starting around that time at Flyers Pompano Beach?

(Eryka Cristina Xavier Da Silva) #140

I went thru the whole process and did the test / interview in Dallas last year, in November. (Not just with them, but JetBlue and Republic airlines too)
I was the oldest of my group, 33. Everyone else barely was 22. Surprise surprise, I did not get accepted. At time, I thought I failed on the tests ( they don’t tell you the reasons, just that they can’t offer you a place in their academy). I was truly upset, but I moved on.
Anyways, months passed and I started to research who was accepted. At my Women in Aviation chapter, I found a girl that was accepted and talked to her about the Academy. She told me the oldest person as of today is 31. The average age is 23. She is in Pompano Beach, the place I would have choose to go as well.
I reached out other AA Academy students and asked the same things. They are in AZ and TX locations. Same history: average age is early 20’s.
I got so, but so demotivated with these airline’s academy programs that I did not put any effort to join their academy this year when they asked me to try again and went to some place else.

(Lindsay R Davis) #141

Hello Everyone! Sorry i have missed answering some of your questions! I have been so busy with the program I havent gotten a chance to get on here!

Anyways! A little update on my progress!
I am at the American Flyers School Addison location! I have completed my PPL! and am working on instrument and commercial at the same time. Just did my 100nm dual cross country day and night yesterday! One flight from Addison to outside of Houston while it was daytime, then sun went down and flew back at night! 2 hours each way! The first addison class (which i believe is the first class that started of the entire AACA on July 31st) is in their CFI academy right now! The 7 of them are set to finish at the end of march!

There is a 30, 32 and 33 yr old in my class. Dont let your age discourage you, its not a factor for them.

All of the schools maintain very safe aircraft. I know personally American flyers does 50 hour inspections even though 100 hr inspections are the only required ones, they also replace equipment before its broken. The maintenance hanger at the Addison location is bigger than the classroom areas. Also flying out of a delta airspace underneath a bravo shelf because of DAL and DFW and having to communicate with the approach and departure centers (the same frequency as airliners) is such great comm experience. I know only a little about the other American Flyers school in florida, all i have heard is that they have to fly out of a TFR because of president Trump visiting mar a lago to start the lesson.

If you have any other questions id be happy to answer and ill try to check this feed more often!

Good luck to you all still in the interview process, and who are waiting to begin!

(Stacie Schuchardt) #142

Hi Eryka-

I was just accepted into the Cadet Academy at the end of January and I’m 47. Not saying that age doesn’t matter, I’m sure airlines making an investment in future pilots are looking for pilots to remain with them for as long as possible. My career might be 10 or 15 years if I’m lucky but those years will be fully dedicated to being the best pilot I can be. At any rate, I wish you all the best with your future flight training.

(Eryka Cristina Xavier Da Silva) #143

Your message put a smile on my face.
I just updated my profile with them. Thanks for replying and congratulations.

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(Becky Jackson) #144

How are you enjoying CTI? What did you look for when selecting a school? Thank you!

(Stacie Schuchardt) #145

I start in May so I will let you know, although I have only heard great things about all of the partner schools in the program.

(Ian O’Neal) #146

Hello You’all,

I have just received an Email this morning to go onto the next step of interviewing at Dallas Fort Worth. I am overcomed with joy. I am scheduled to have the interview on March 8. I did my video interview on the 10th of February.

I just want to say that I am 36. Don’t let age discourage you. Keep on going. There is going to be a HUGE shortage on pilots of astronomical proportions. Aviation needs people with the heart to fly.

Thank you all. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. You guys have helped me with the interview process and I want to pay it forward.

(Ian O’Neal) #147

Hello adamhope95,

I was wondering if you could elaborate a little more on the group interview. Mine is scheduled for Mar 8, how could I prepare for it. What are the questions? Are the relative to the questions in the application and the video applications?

Thank you

Ian ONeal

(Audrianna Krause) #148

Hi everyone, this is my first time on this website and thread…

I have my in-person interview in two days, February 27th. I went online to do some research and found this thread. Could anyone elaborate on the pilot skills test? Will we be flying at all during the interview?


(Stacie Schuchardt) #149

Hi Audrianna-

The pilot skills test is nothing you can prepare for, there is no flying and it’s more of a psychometric and reasoning test. It’s about 3 hours of testing with one 10 minute break in the middle. Your brain will be fried at the end. Best of luck to you on your interview!!


(Paul Zadrozny ) #150

I will be interviewing tomorrow as well. Send me an email if you want and we can share what we know about the interview process

(Michael Larson) #151

Anyone else interviewing Mar. 8?

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(Stephen Ruiz) #152

I just submitted my video interview 2 days ago. I’m really hoping to get an in-person interview for the program. Does anyone know how long they waited to hear about being accepted or denied for the In-person interview?