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American Airlines Cadet Program Application

(Gabriel Crespin) #112

Hey Luigi,

I will try to find you on Facebook right now give me one second.

(Luigi Ribera) #113

I replied to your message, but not sure if it went through or if you have to accept my message on the app (since were not FB friends).

(Justin Jackson) #114

To those accepted into the CA:

  1. What date was your face-to-face interview?
  2. What date did you find out you were accepted into the CA?

-Justin Jackson

(Stacie Schuchardt) #115

Hi Justin-

My in-person interview was on the 29th and I was accepted into the program on the 31st. The team at AA indicated it could take up to two weeks however it was much faster than that. Best of luck on your interview on the 28th. Just be yourself and come prepared and you will do fine.


(Stuart Redman) #116

I can confirm this as well, at the end of the interview they let us know it would be no more than two weeks until hearing from them. My interview was the 29th, and I was accepted the 31st as well.

Happy for you Stacie, congrats!

(Stacie Schuchardt) #117

Congratulations Stuart! I’m so happy we both were accepted. Where are you looking at attending flight school?

(Stuart Redman) #118

Uncertain at this point, but CTI appeals to me, lowest price, and the strongest fleet of training aircraft. Spoke to them on the phone and it seems like a professional operation with a knowledgeable chief pilot. You?

(Stacie Schuchardt) #119

I am looking at CTI as well. I really liked the feeling of that school, smaller and more personal where they know every student by name. I’m talking to the other schools as well but so far CTI would be my top choice.

(Justin Jackson) #120

Thanks for the response Stacie! Congrats again on being accepted!!

(Justin Jackson) #121

Thanks for the response Stuart! Hopefully I’ll hear back as fast as you did. Congrats again on being accepted into the Academy!

(Stacie Schuchardt) #122

Thank you Justin! Best of luck to you and let me know how things go with your interview.


(Hunter Hoff) #123

Thanks for all info! It has definitely helped, anyone else have the in person interview Monday Feb 4th?

(Nic Nelson) #125

Hey Hunter, I’m here for the interview tomorrow! This forum eased my mind a bit. The CA didn’t give us much to go off of as far as prep goes!

(Ian O’Neal) #126


I just wanted to thank everyone for posting on here to help others to find out what the program is about. I completed my application last night and received an email this morning for a video interview. Honestly I’m pretty stoic.

(Hunter Hoff) #127

Just now seeing this, have you gotten an email yet ?

(Jarrod Schaub) #128

Hi All, I applied to the program recently and did my video interview and was hoping to send them an email yet didn’t know where to find the address to send it to; would someone please be able to provide a contact email in which i can reach out to them?

(Stacie Schuchardt) #129

Hi Jarrod- All email can be sent directly to

(Jarrod Schaub) #130

Thank you very much, Stacie.

Also, congratulations on being selected!

(Stacie Schuchardt) #131

Thank you Jarrod! Best of luck on your journey and let me know how it goes!

(Jarrod Schaub) #132

Will do, I just sent an email expressing my thanks and how im looking forward to the next steps. Hopefully it pans out well.