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American Airlines Cadet Program Application

(Luigi Ribera) #91

Hi Gabriel,

I did my video interview last Monday, December 17th of 2018. The process is pretty straight forwards. After you click the link to the video, it sends you to their website where you will test your microphone and camera. After that, you will be given 4 questions. It seems like they have a question bank that the automated response randomly chooses from. Then, the automated response will read the question twice and give you 1 minute to compose an answer. After this you are given 3 minutes to response. It’s little strange/awkward/intimidating recording your interview but I think everyone feels this way so don’t worry about that. Anyways, my questions were along the lines of 1. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 2. What motivates you to achieve your goals? 3. What other jobs or roles have you had that will help you accomplish your goal of being a pilot? 4. I don’t remember the fourth one so sorry! I’m still waiting for a response, but Good luck! Hopefully we make it to Dallas for the in person interview!

Luigi Ribera

(Gabriel Crespin) #92

Hey Stacie,

I actually just got invited for the interview in Dallas this past Wednesday, but I am sure you did great and I hope that you get the callback soon too.

(Gabriel Crespin) #93

Hey Luigi,

I did get a call to Dallas this past Wednesday and I will pray that you get one too! When I do the in person interview I will be sure to tell you guys wha it is about! Good luck!

Gabe Crespin

(Stacie Schuchardt) #94

Awesome! Great news and best of luck to you, I’m sure you will do great. Please keep the updates coming and go knock their socks off!

(Shawn George) #95

Hello Nicholas,

I applied about a month ago, received an invitation for an video interview 2 weeks ago. It was 3 questions regarding leadership, what made you want to pursue aviation, etc. Yesterday, I found out that I was moving onto the next step of the process in Fort-Worth, Texas on January 28! I’m excited to meet other cadets and get a shot at the program. I wish you guys luck!

(Luigi Ribera) #96

Hi Nicholas,

I will be attending the January 28th interview as well! SO excited to see the facilities and the other potential cadets! Will keep everyone updated on what the in-person interview is like.

Luigi Ribera

(Stacie Schuchardt) #97

I have my in-person interview on January 29th. I’m so excited and grateful for the opportunity to move forward. I’m curious about the aptitude test and if there is any way to prepare for that in advance. Good luck to everyone on their interviews!

(Gabriel Crespin) #98

Hey y’all,

With some rescheduling my in person interview in Dallas will also be the 28th, looking forward to meeting some of you guys that are in this forum and other future cadets. I am excited to see everything that American has to offer.

Gabe Crespin

(Adam Hope) #99


For those on the 28th/29th - mine is the 22nd! It’ll letcha know how it goes and make a post about it so you all know what to expect! :slight_smile:

(Stuart Redman) #100

Will also be attending the 29th. Seems to be an abundance of us, if we are posting about it, there must be countless others who are not aware of this thread attending as well. Best of luck everyone!