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American Airlines Cadet Program Application

(Colton Parker) #70

Yes, it has lots of coordination type games, recognizing patterns, map memorization, some math and some longer exercises where you’ll be staring at a screen for extended periods of time. It adjusts the difficulty of each exercise based on if you’re answering the questions correctly or not. Hope this helps!

(Hunter Allen) #71

Thanks for the response. This sounds interesting… Doesn’t sound too intense.

(Keyon Brown) #72

How was the process of applying for the loan? Is it based on credit?

(Keyon Brown) #73

Hello Lindsay,

How was it applying for the Discover loan? I s it based on your credit?



All loans are based on credit. Some might have more lenient terms, but credit is involved in any loan decision, especially for loans of this size.


(Keyon Brown) #75

Great thanks for the advice!

(Colton Parker) #76

The discover loan is only available once you are selected for the program. Once selected you are sent a unique code to use to apply for the loan. No co-signer is needed for this loan either. That is one thing I struggled with when applying to ATP was needing multiple co-signers for the Wells Fargo loan

(Rebecca Oppedisano) #77

I recently interviewed with JetBlue for the Gateway Select Program and am awaiting their decision. JetBlue is my first choice but do not want to put all of my eggs in one basket so I am considering all opportunities. With that said, I am currently awaiting my face-to-face interview date in Texas on 11/27 for American Airlines. I am wondering if anyone has any insight on the structure of the American Airline face-to-face interview. How does the day go? What does it consist of? Etc. If anyone has any information, it would be greatly appreciated.

(Joel Chen) #78

@Ropp88 Hey Rebecca, how soon after you sent in your video interview did you get an invite to a face to face interview? I just did my video on Friday.

(Rebecca Oppedisano) #79

Hi @PilotJoel
I did the video interview about 3 weeks ago and followed up then they just sent me the invite.

(Keyon Brown) #80

I did my interview today. There will be a group of you guys of about 8-9. You all will do an open interview as a group with the recruiters. The questions are simply get to know you questions “what made you want to get into aviation?” “How many flight hours do you have?”
You would then ask the recruiters questions if you have any about the program.
After the interview you take a lunch break and on to the aptitude test. The aptitude is very rigorous and there’s no pass or fail so do the best you can do. It’s a mind game, everyone who’s taken the test felt like they did horrible. The better you do the harder the test gets.
After the test you are done with the interview!
Good luck! You all will do great!

(Gabriel Crespin) #81

Hey Lindsay! I was curious as to who you emailed because I wanted to do the same thing and was not sure exactly who to reach out to.

(Joel Chen) #82

Hey man. Send me an email and I can give you the info. My face to face interview is next month in Dallas.

(Gabriel Crespin) #84

just sent you an email

(Rebecca Oppedisano) #85

@Keyon Thank you so much for this information! Super helpful as I am a week out from the interview. As for the assessment, can you dive into that a little deeper? When I interviewed with JetBlue they used this assessment: was the AA anything like this one? Was there a simulator where you have to use a joystick of some sort and fly a plane? Any hand/eye coordination tests? Personality test? etc. Any additional info you can provide would be most helpful. Thank you so much!!! -RO

(Rebecca Oppedisano) #86

@PilotJoel Hi Joel, it took about 3-4 weeks before I heard anything. Once I did they mentioned I have moved on to the next part of the interview process and will be flying me out to Dallas for the interview. Best of luck!

(Joel Chen) #87

Great! I got my invite too for Dec 10! I’m flying from London for it

(Paige ) #88

Hey Lindsay!
I am flying to Dallas next month for the interview and testing. When you were accepted, how long did it take before you actually started the program? I wasn’t sure how long it took, I was hoping it’s was within a month or two. I hope all is going well!

(Gabriel Crespin) #89

Hi everyone,

I just got an email regarding my video interview, can anyone give me any tips for the video interview? or what kind of questions are going to be asked so I can prepare

(Stacie Schuchardt) #90

Hi Gabriel -

I just took (and bombed) my video interview yesterday. There were four questions and it all happens really quickly. I choked halfway through the first question, screamed and covered my face and stopped recording!! I think I did alright on the other three questions and, hopefully, the recruiters have a sense of humor about it.

The questions are standard: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What motivates you to keep flying? What inspired you to become a pilot? What other jobs have you had where the skills would apply to being a pilot?

Those were only my questions and I’m sure they have a bank of a zillion others. But just take a deep breath, relax and you’ll do great!!

Best of luck!