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American Airlines Cadet Program Application

(Hunter Allen) #49

Thanks for the info! @PilotParker

(Dakota) #50

Hey Colton, how did your in-person interview go? I have one coming up this month.

(Adam Hope) #51

How long has it taken y’all before hearing back from someone? I just applied on Monday, so obviously not expecting something for a few weeks, but was just curious!

(Colton Parker) #52

I actually found out I was accepted last Monday! I’m trying to decide what to do between the Cadet Academy and ATP.

It’s very casual as an interview. It was a group interview style. We had 7 of 9 people invited make it in. It starts with the skills test and then after lunch it was a casual interview with everyone. Just be yourself things will go well!

(Nicholas) #53

I applied about 3 months ago and haven’t heard back. According to them they are only taking 150 applicants this year and they review applications on a merit based system. So you could hear back fast like some people or it could take a long time like me

(Hunter Allen) #54

@PilotParker what did the skills tests consist of?

(Eric Bonney) #56

I have Applied, I did the initial interview and now I’m flying to Dallas for an interview on Nov 13th.

(Adam Hope) #57

How long from applying to your interview? @Eric_B1496P

(Keyon Brown) #58

How was the aptitude test?

(Keyon Brown) #59

What did the aptitude test consist of?


Has anybody that applied to the AA Cadet Program asked what the commitment to AA is? Are you required to work at one of their regionals? What happens if you don’t?

(Adam Hope) #61

No commitment, no expectations. They’re solely there as a school. (Obviously they’re going to advertise AA and the regionals to you, but at the end of the day it’s your decision with no repercussions)



It clearly states on the website “After you complete your training, you will have the opportunity to interview at American’s three regional subsidiary airlines. If you are hired, you will benefit from our unique flow-through agreement”. I’d call that an expectation.

No AA Regional, No AA Flow.


(Jesse Osswald) #63

I have been told that even if you get hired through an AA Regional such as PSA they still offer the flow through, even if you did not attend the AA Cadet Academy. Does anyone know if this is true?



Yes PSA (and other AA “owned” Regionals) are offering flow-thrus regardless of where you train. What you need to know is AA is not going to cannibalize their own feed and many pilots get to a Major quicker without that flow.


(Adam Hope) #65

Having an option available doesn’t really make it “expected” of you. When I was speaking to the recruiters they said the same thing. It’s there if you’d like it, but you have the absolute freedom to explore other options. As you mentioned, they offer flow throughs regardless of where you trained, so I’m only viewing it as an advertising point.

(Danielle Calnin) #66

Yes, Envoy, Piedmont, and PSA all flow to American Airlines no matter where you earn your ratings. If you train at ATP you can take advantage of not only the flow these regional offer to American Airlines but also receive help making your loan payment while you’re building flight time to meet airline hiring minimums.
Check out this link for more information on the Tuition Reimbursement program:



While it may simply be an “option” as you say., if you have no desire to fly for an AA Regional (OR AA mainline) then really what’s the point of joining the cadet program other than mainly some help with financing?


(Adam Hope) #68

I personally would take advantage of the opportunity to work with AA, however, I was just mentioning that it’s not the sole option.

Out of the people I personally know in the program, and others who have applied, financing is the biggest selling point. I’d also say that because it’s such a new program that’s being sponsored by such a great company, it’ll make your resume look a bit better (or at least engage some conversation about it).

Just my opinion though. I’m sure people in different situations would have different reasons. I’d like to imagine I’d have a start date for ATP already if they had better financing options, which is why I applied for both programs.

-Apologies for any typos, mobile is being a bit buggy with me right now.

(Hunter Allen) #69

Can anyone comment on the AA skills test and what that is like during the in person interview??