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American Airlines Cadet Program Application


Congrats Lindsay,

I’m just curious? According to AA’s website the training is 18mos (, where did you get the 6-8mos figure?




Just curious, but what did you see as the major advantage of the AA program? Guaranteed interviews with regionals are not a big deal as anybody with 1,500 hours gets an interview, so what else stuck out to you? Do you have any sort of commitment to AA after taking advantage of their financing?


(Lindsay R Davis) #28

Adam, yes the website says training is “up to 18 months” and time building “up to 24 months” I believe from what i have asked and learned so far is that that is the longest you can take to complete those two parts of the program and that its a new program and those are estimates. In my interview i asked and they mentioned it would be 12 months of training but after speaking with the school i selected (as each has their own training program plan with AA approval) they mentioned it would not take as long, but again that is their estimate. As this is a new program I’m not expecting that to be true but i know that is American Flyers timeline.

Chris, personally my reasons are not huge and they might not be reasons everyone else would agree with or care about but I do like that it is in connection with AA and there was an interview process involved with a skills test. AA is very excited about the program and I know they want us to succeed and might give us an advantage in getting hired. It is a new program and I know you guys like that ATP has been doing this for years but I like the idea of being part of something new and exciting even if it might not be as smooth as going the ATP route. I like the loan that AA has created with Discover so that I don’t need a cosigner and it has a 20 year repayment length with an optional 42 months deferment (even though I will start paying right after training). ATP is a great program as well and its still a hard decision because it is new and there is not a lot of information or data about the past classes.

Jenn, Yes! my email is it would be great to connect because most of my interview class is going to Florida.



Def many ?s for a considerable amount of money but you should do what works best for you.

Best of luck and please give us updates.


(Colton Parker) #30

I originally applied to the AA Cadet Academy before I found ATP. When I emailed them asking for a time frame I got a vague response saying it differs for each applicant, but I will definitely hear back when a decision is made.

Currently, I just put down my deposit for my start date in November with ATP in Arlington, TX. I feel like ATP won’t have the same growing pains and will allow a little more opportunities upon completion!

(Rhys ) #31

@SylentWolf Hey was just wondering if I could contact you further for information on the face to face interviews in Dallas, thank you so much, Rhys.

(Rhys ) #33

Awesome I appreciate it greatly, am I able to get in touch with you via email?

(Rhys ) #34


(John P) #36

Applied a few months ago for the AA program. Probably would prefer that program to ATP due to the financing terms and I think the visibility and marketability of this program probably gives candidates a slight edge in the hiring process. They’re going to want to have lots of “cadet success stories”…

But, I’m not getting any younger so I reached out to see if they could give any insights into the process. Thought I would share it here:

We are excited to hear that you are interested in the American Airlines Cadet Academy! We have received well over 4500 applications, and more are submitted every day! We have a multi-step selection process, and we move candidates through on a consistent basis throughout the year. That means that profiles are being reviewed constantly. We have small classes of 6-15 Cadets starting class approximately once a month, and we do not select more candidates than we need at any given time. Because of this unique structure, there is no real way to predict when you will hear back from us. Some applicants may hear back quickly, and others may have to wait for quite a while. Once a final decision has been made regarding your profile, you will be notified.

We will no longer consider candidates who have already received their commercial license, as they are too far along to benefit from our program structure. If you currently have the funds to continue training, then we would encourage you to do just that!

(Muhamed Idriss) #37

I too had applied and was flown out to Dallas for the interview (Flight and Paid by American) They showed around Flight Headquarters and we got to see the simulators. Everyone in my interview including me, mentioned that if they aren’t accepted into the program they’re going with ATP. Which was quite a coincidence.



If you don’t mind, could you explain to me what attracts you to the AA cadet program and makes it your first choice? I would just like to know what you like about it.



(Muhamed Idriss) #39

I like the funding leniency and how it is designed to not require a co-signer. Secondly, networking & mentorship opportunities.

(Colton Parker) #40

I’m actually interviewing with For the AA Cadet program soon. I have my start date for ATP but I’m still interested in learning what the AA Cadet program has to offer.

(Dakota) #41

Hey Colton, if you don’t mind me asking, how long has it been since you originally applied to AA? I applied in June, and haven’t heard much back. I emailed them in July and got a similar vague response as in your previous post.

(Colton Parker) #42

I applied in mid July, didn’t hear anything until back until late August when I did the first video interview. Now I’m doing the in person interview mid September!

(Christopher Aufiero) #43

Hey Lindsay! Congrats on getting accepted! I have my interview with them next week, what exactly does the “skills test” consist of? I tried for ATP already but I can’t secure the loan since I don’t have any available co-signers

(Andrew Lopez ) #44

@Nick_T just give them a call the recruiters are extremely friendly and very helpful.

(Nicholas) #45

I have tried emailing them a few times and I get a generic email back that they evaluate them based on merit and there is no way to know how long it will take to hear back. Do you know their contact number? I have tried looking for it and I have had no luck finding it

(Hunter Allen) #47

@PilotParker I have a video interview this week and was wondering if you could shed some light on the interview? Is it pretty standard? Types of questions? Any surprises?

(Colton Parker) #48

No surprises. Why do you want to be a pilot, biggest challenge, how you dealt with conflict… etc. things of that nature. It was only 5 questions.