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American Airlines Cadet Program Application


I just finished my in person interview and got accepted into the program!!

If any of you have any questions about the in person interview or how the process works feel free to reach out to me on instagram: michaelhsu95
I reply must faster there haha.

Good luck!


This is my first post here. I have an interview with JetBlue this Thursday for the Gateway Select Program. Any insight on what I should expect?

You most likely would know more than most if you are on the last phase of the process to be accepted.

how long after interview did you hear back my interview is on monday

it took me one week to hear back from them.

You will probably get an email next Monday. How did it go?

Hey Eryka!! We interviewed in Dallas at the same time last year. I didn’t get accepted either, I just ended up doing my training in San Diego. Oddly enough, American just recently began sending cadets to my school.

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So good to see you here!!!
I’m gong to add you on Facebook too.
Where are you studying? I got my PPL and next week I am moving out to Daytona to find everything else.
The dream doesn’t stop because a no, right?


Where did you go school in San Diego?


Coast Flight Training

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I’m interested in going there myself. Do you mind messaging me on instagram @6andersons ?

Anyone starting on June 4 at Americans Flyers in Pompano Beach?

Hi! Anyone have an interview in DFW on June 4?

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Hello everyone,
I just applied to the AA Cadet program a few days ago. Just wondering, about how much did you guys write for each question in the questionaiire section of the application?
Also, for those who were accepted: did you have flight hours? Was anyone accepted with no previous flight experience?


Hey Mohamed,

For the answers in the questionnaire, I was honest, some of those questions do not need to be complete essay answers they want to know who you are. I was accepted with no flight hours, I have flown in planes with friends, with them letting me take the controls and I told them that was my experience.

I did my video interview about a week ago and heard back today! I got selected for the face to face interview in DFW! I am so excited!

Congrats, Miguel! That’s awesome! When is your interview?

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Thanks Christina! My interview date is June 17th! Have you gotten your flight info and hotel info?

Yeah! They sent me my flight info a couple days after I sent in my flight info to them. They will send your hotel and interview itinerary a week before your interview!! Good luck!! Let us know how it goes!! :slight_smile: WHEN you get accepted, do you know where you want to do your training?! :slight_smile:

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Haha! I like the confidence, thank you! I keep hearing that the aptitude test will drain you! :grimacing::grimacing:. I want to do my training at American Flyers near the Dallas area! How about you?

Had to deny the AA Cadet Program last week and I’m so disappointed… I really wanted that on my resume! I was accepted and all ready to go, but I encountered a ridiculous requirement from the flight school that partners with the AA Cadet Program. The program currently partners with 4 schools ; American Flyers, CAE, CTI and Coast Flight. I planned on attending Coast Flight in San Diego with an August 1st start date. Things got weird when I mentioned that I would be paying out of pocket and didn’t need the Discover Financing, then when I explained to the school I only lived 30 minutes away from the training facility and I wouldn’t need to pay for housing or food… they got even more weird. They said it’s mandatory to live with the other 3 Cadets full time (They group Cadets in 4’s), in an apartment and to pay the extra 16k regardless my situation. I own a house, I’m married and have 2 children… doesn’t make sense for me to waste money on a living situation thats not necessary, especially when I live 15 miles way. It’s still possible to be fully immersive without living the flight school housing. Anyways, I wrote the Cadet Program expressing my concerns and disbelief but they fully defended the flight school and their requirements by saying " The total immersion is essential to the success of the cadets and the program, and the housing is the key catalyst". Come on guys… this isn’t the military and I’m not a single frat kid wanting to live on a college campus… its flight school. Maybe its a blessing in disguise because it took me days to get a response from Coast Flight by email or even phone call from day 1… I’m serious when I say that nobody ever answered the phone the dozens times I called and that could be a sign of organization and accountability, or maybe a lack of staff. It just didn’t feel like a good first impression. In Coast Flight defense they only have 2 schools nationwide, ATP has over 30. That being said, every time I called ATP they answered on the second ring and followed up with me on a regular basis. Oh yea, and they don’t require you to spend money that’s unnecessary… like 16k unnecessary. So, I’ll be attending ATP in Carlsbad and I’ll purse the Envoy Program. The other flight schools may be flexible, I haven’t called them regarding the living situation in relation to the Cadet Program, but I can speak for Coast Flight when I say they won’t budge when it comes to the AA Cadet requirements, living situation and expenses. So, If you’re single, live in Southern California, completely flexible and don’t care about saving money then Coast Flight in San Diego is the perfect match for the AA Cadet Program. I’ve heard excellent things about Coast Flight from current and former regular students, so it’s no doubt in my mind they have a great program. That being said, If you happen to be in my situation and think you’re in luck by being selected for the AA Cadet Program and live next to a partner school and can avoid the schools living expenses… I recommend you do your research and make calls.