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American Airlines Cadet Program Application

(Haig Corbin) #209

How long did it take them to reach out to you after you completed your profile? Good luck on the interview!

(Christina) #210

I applied on the 16April and heard back yesterday! Thanks! :slight_smile: Im so excited!! Have you applied yet?

(Haig Corbin) #211

I have, I’m just waiting to hear back from them!

(Christina) #212

Best of luck! I just took my video interview on Monday and got an email for a second interview yesterday! It seems like the process is going quicker then before. I know some people waited a couple weeks/month to hear back! Let us know what you hear!! Excited for everyone! :slight_smile:

(michael) #213


I just finished my in person interview and got accepted into the program!!

If any of you have any questions about the in person interview or how the process works feel free to reach out to me on instagram: michaelhsu95
I reply must faster there haha.

Good luck!

(Dan Jackson) #214

This is my first post here. I have an interview with JetBlue this Thursday for the Gateway Select Program. Any insight on what I should expect?

(Arthun) #215

You most likely would know more than most if you are on the last phase of the process to be accepted.

(matthew dustin) #216

how long after interview did you hear back my interview is on monday

(michael) #217

it took me one week to hear back from them.

You will probably get an email next Monday. How did it go?

(Muhamed Idriss) #219

Hey Eryka!! We interviewed in Dallas at the same time last year. I didn’t get accepted either, I just ended up doing my training in San Diego. Oddly enough, American just recently began sending cadets to my school.

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(Eryka Cristina Xavier Da Silva) #220

So good to see you here!!!
I’m gong to add you on Facebook too.
Where are you studying? I got my PPL and next week I am moving out to Daytona to find everything else.
The dream doesn’t stop because a no, right?

(Jason Anderson) #221


Where did you go school in San Diego?


(Muhamed Idriss) #222

Coast Flight Training

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(Jason Anderson) #223

I’m interested in going there myself. Do you mind messaging me on instagram @6andersons ?

(Miguel Counts) #224

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(Joel Chen) #225

Anyone starting on June 4 at Americans Flyers in Pompano Beach?

(Christina) #226

Hi! Anyone have an interview in DFW on June 4?

(Mohamed Abdelhai) #227

Hello everyone,
I just applied to the AA Cadet program a few days ago. Just wondering, about how much did you guys write for each question in the questionaiire section of the application?
Also, for those who were accepted: did you have flight hours? Was anyone accepted with no previous flight experience?


(Miguel Counts) #228

For my questions I treated them as essay questions, so I typed about half a page for each. I just did my video interview this past Sunday. I hope this helps!

(Gabriel Crespin) #229

Hey Mohamed,

For the answers in the questionnaire, I was honest, some of those questions do not need to be complete essay answers they want to know who you are. I was accepted with no flight hours, I have flown in planes with friends, with them letting me take the controls and I told them that was my experience.