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Airbus A220. Birth of a new plane (kinda)

(Daniel ) #1

(Moustafa) #2

Sorry if this sounds stupid, but does this mean that CRJ jets for example, will become branded as Airbus as well?

(Daniel ) #3

That’s up to Airbus to decide. My assumption for why they rebranded the CS1000, is because its a very new plane. But we will have to wait and see.


It’s a matter of marketing to the proper customers and for that reason the name change makes sense. Bombardier has been showing the C1000 around and has gotten greater interest from Majors than Regionals. When the guys that write the checks see Bombardier they think Regional jet and when they see Airbus they think Major.



An airplane that large used to be considered a mainline airplane, I am glad that it will be again.