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Age 43

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Hello all,
I have a question. I’m starting at age 43, and my dream has always been to fly on a wide body long haul. I know I’m starting late, but just wondering, what are the chances of me flying a wide body at some point? Again, I know I’m starting late, and I do understand it may never happen, but just wanted to get some feedback on this.



“my dream has always been to fly on a wide body long haul”. That’s an easy one at any age. Simply go on Orbitz and buy a ticket :wink:

Now if you want to FLY the airplane that’s a little different:


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Lol Adam

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Thanks Adam.



If you have a college degree, I could easily see someday flying a wide body airplane on international routes as a first officer. Odds are very much against you doing it as a captain.


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Hi Chris,
I’m planing on getting a degree online while flying at a regional. Thanks for getting back to me.


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Hi Chris,
How about this scenario:
Age 50 in December.
Already have ASEL and IFR. working on comm. About 500 hrs.

Tired of Tech and looking to change. Wish I had known about ATP When I was in my 20’s.

Would I be miserable at the regionals…Would I be right seat forever?



For the age question, please see he FAQ section.

None of us can possibly begin to tell you whether or not you would be miserable at the regionals, or the majors for that matter, only you can decide that. I would suggest that you spend some time reading the “Flying the Line” sections of this forum and also look at our “schedules” sections to see if flying for a career is something that you would enjoy.

I do not see any issue at all with you upgrading to captain at the regionals, assuming you complete your 1,500 hours quickly.


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With your experience, it will be at least another 1.5-2 years before you are eligible for a regional. I strongly suggest a full time program.

Will you be miserable? That’s all a matter of perspective and realistic expectations.

Any chance of upgrade at a regional? Can’t guarantee anything. Depends on the company’s needs. Right now, at my airline, if you have the time and the desire, it’s possible. No telling how much longer that will last.




Upgrades at the Regionals are running anywhere from 2-6yrs so no reason why you wouldn’t. As for you level of “job satisfaction” that’s entirely up to you. I was VERY happy at the Regionals and if I never made it to a Major that would have been fine (I never thought I’d make it to an airline in the first place so it’s ALL icing). Good flying, good pay, good aircraft, what’s not to like? Thing is if you get there and see all the younglings moving on while you’re “stuck”, spend your time thinking coulda, shoulda, woulda then yes, there’s a great chance you’ll be miserable. BUT if you can take pleasure and satisfaction in the fact that you’re NOW doing something you enjoy and can spend 12-13yrs honing your craft, maybe become an instructor or check airman then I say go for it. As Tory said it’s ENTIRELY based on your expectations and perspective.