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Actual study time for PPL

(Bradley W Backus) #83

Oh wow I didn’t know that; that’s why it’s great to have you mentors! :+1: In that case I can pay this off a lot sooner and may be get into school by Sept starting at 54 1/2 Years instead of over 55. I thought I needed to save 10k besides my loan amount of 80k, so that cvhanges everything.

(Tory) #84

Maybe. You won’t know until you try. If you have any trouble contact Admissions. They’ll ask you some basic questions to help you figure out how to maximize your chances of getting approved.


(Bradley W Backus) #85

Ok thanks Tory

(Bradley W Backus) #86

Well that’s strange… they won’t let me take another intro ATP flight, Kirk told me to take more flights??

(Cody Ash) #87


Make sure you have a co-signer in mind. My credit is 804 and I was denied without a co-signer. It’s a HUGE unsecured loan. Just want to make sure your expectations are realistic.