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Actual study time for PPL



The student in question had a reason, it was just the wrong reason. Which goes back to our initial topic of conversation, remaining cool and being in control at all times.

As for the AA flight I’m really not a fan of the NTSB and Airbus’ findings. Regardless of how hard the pilot applied rudder input, I don’t believe that tail should’ve come off. Not a fan of composites.



Not sure what you’re talking about with 15 mos, 2yrs etc? The Program is 9mos. The rest is instructing to build time but you’re done with training.


(Bradley W Backus) #23

Oh so that’s just conclusive evidence not hard facts, makes sense I think the NTSB is too tough or not sure what the right word is!

(Bradley W Backus) #24

Oh so the 24 months counts only training time, yeah i knew it was 9 months. i thought they were talking about when you’re hired with airlines, I get confused!

(Bradley W Backus) #25

So why do you think the tail snapped off i thought thst didn’t make sense that a jet should be able to handle a heavy foot on rudder? I saw Sully and i thought the NTSB was on a witch hunt trying to nail a guy who saved all souls on board and did the impossible water landing, really awesome story! Someone told me Sully was a glider instructor for 4 years and that’s why he nailed that water landing!

(Bradley W Backus) #26

That is great advice Tory I’m glad you told me I had no idea that there were so many test and that I could start taking them? I thought I needed to study and learn as much knowledge as I could or I’d have no chance of passing written exams!

(Bradley W Backus) #27

I looked up the link, it says I have to have a start date first before I can take tests or am I reading that wrong?

(Tory) #28

You’re interpreting that correctly. It doesn’t stop you from studying
though. The Private Pilot knowledge exam prep is free.

I also forgot that you had a while until you start the program. I would
give yourself 2 months to prepare for the PAR, IRA and CAX written.
Whatever else you want to study between now and then is up to you.


(Bradley W Backus) #29

Oh it said i had to sign in as student? So i can use the prepware for all those tests for free? I’m in! I’ll check it out again I must be missing something?

(Bradley W Backus) #30

This link only provides the student extranet, I don’t see anywhere else to get the links for this prepware online ?

(Bradley W Backus) #31

I saw Chris reply to a student saying to use the study buddy… That’s only $10 I’ll start with that for Privates, thanks Tory.

(Tory) #32

All you will be able to do right now is Sporty’s Study Buddy for the PAR.

ATP will enroll you in a different test prep software, Sheppard Air, after
you have selected a start date.


(Bradley W Backus) #33

Oh it’s free on the site, cool thanks a lot Tory, I’ll get cracking! I only work 4 days a week and have a lot of time to study

(Tory) #34

When you get to the page that asks you to choose a study mode, don’t buy
anything. Stick with the free stuff on the left-hand side of the page.
Study all of the Q&As in each topic.

Again, you won’t be able to actually take the real test until a start date
is selected, but at least you’ll be studying something worthwhile, and then
if a question sparks your interest you can do more research on the subject
to better your knowledge.


(Tory) #35

While you’re at it, download the PDF version of the Airman Certification
Standards for Private Pilots. You can read the
instructions on how to use the ACS. The ACS is essentially the study guide
for the practical exam. Any subject is fair game at this point. Have at it.

You’ll receive all of the required books upon selecting a start date, but
the FAA has the same books in PDF versions online. While you’re reading
through the ACS, you will notice a list of references under each topic.
They’re coded. Find the corresponding codes here:

That should keep you busy for a while. It should also keep you organized.
At least you know that you’re studying relevant material.


(Bradley W Backus) #36

I’m confused this only has q&a there’s nowhere to study and learn these topics? How do I know the answer if I don’t understand the questions?

(Bradley W Backus) #37

And it’s not even letting me study it’s just testing me, like practice test, don’t I need to know this stuff before taking practice years? I’m sorry I’m really confused?:confused:

(Bradley W Backus) #38

Practice tests, I must be typing too fast sheesh!

(Tory) #39

Don’t overthink it. Preparing for the written only requires you to memorize
the answers. I know you want to know more about the questions, that’s why I
sent you links to download the ACS and the books.


(Christian Repetto) #42

I keep hearing contradictory information about memorizing vs. not memorizing. Can anyone clear that up? (Something about there no longer being a test bank, bla bla bla)