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I have always been told colorblindness is a NO for being a pilot. I was told in middle school that I was red-green colorblind. I’ve never colored the sky green, or the grass blue. My only issue has been very very dark maroon colors, next to very very dark green colors in those old what number tests. I am very good (as an artist) with colors. I know color relationship, and ver good at seing color in the real world. I don’t mistake colors, and differentiate between them better than most. I also have never in any shade painted a tree brown, and it’s trunk green. I do know a pilot is responsible for the people in and around his/her aircraft, but I do know that the industry makes coloration for a reason (visibility). I can also see and differentiate the flashing strobes/lights in color. To me red is red, and green is green. Does anyone know if very dark similar colors is any issue. I do know white from any color, and have never stopped at green, and left on red.

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How is Aviator College?? Any comments.


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As I’m approaching my flight training, I decided to get my vision tested for class I Medical Certificate. Before going to the AME, I visited an optometrist. The result: I have 20/20 distance vision in my left eye (with correction glasses) but I only have 20/25 in my right eye(with correction glasses). I know thay FAA Class I Medical requires 20/20 in each separate eye. With that being said, I heard that FAA also gives waivers to some applicants (SODA). As my dream is to become a Commercial Pilot, I understand that I need a class I Medical Certificate. Do you think my vision will prevent me from getting class I? I have also done a full body screening. Everything else is normal in God’s grace except for this issue. Any advice will be appreciated.



You are right that sometimes waivers are granted. I have even heard a story about a United pilot who lost one eye in an accident and was granted a waiver. The best person to talk to this about will be your FAA doctor, they can lead you through the waiver process.


(Jonathan Rudolph ) #17

Thanks Chris

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How much is training? whats the tract for getting a job at an airline? what is the pay for an airline pilot. whats the career trajectory of a pilot look like? If you would answer my questions i would like that.



We are always happy to help, but all of your questions can be easily answer on this website, ATP’s website or Google. It would be best if you did some research on your own, then came back with specific questions.


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hello pilots… I’ve been looking into going in the American Airlines Program… is anyone familiar to that ?
just wanted to get as much feedback about the program and how it works and your experience. Also a question…
When is a good time to start my application for the American Airlines for the cadet program.?