Real Answers from Real Pilots

A Week in the Life of an ATP CFI

(Tucker) #1

This week has been pretty busy. With checkrides, solos, and students new to instrument training, I have no shortage of work. I would say this is a pretty typical week.

I flew 29 hours, was paid for 32. I spent aproxamilty 54 hours at the school.

  • I currently have two students in the instrument phase, one in the private phase, and a fourth student that just finished instrument and is off on crew cross countries. I am also working with another instructors student while he is out of town this week.
  • With daylight savings causing sunrise in Florida to fall back from 7:45 to 6:45, it has made for some very early mornings.

Monday (2.5 Hours Logged, paid for 5.5… We are paid for our students solo time as we have to be on the ground monitoring them. Most of us use this time to provide ground instruction.)

-Arrived 9:30am
-9:30am - 10am - Warmed up solo student.
-10am - 1pm - Student soloed. Taught instrument ground lesson.
-1:30pm - 5pm - Instrument flight lesson
-5pm-7pm - Instrument simulator lesson
Home 7:30pm

Tuesday (8.0 Hours Logged)

-Arrived at 6:15am for preflight brief
-6:45am - 9:45am Private cross country flight lesson
-10:30am - 12:30pm - Instrument flight lesson
-1:30pm - 3:30pm - Instrument flight lesson
-4pm - 5:30pm - Private checkride prep flight
-6pm - 7pm - Private pilot simulator lesson
Home 7:30pm

Wednesday (7.3 Hours Logged)

-Arrived at 6:15am for preflight brief
-6:45am - 9:45am Private cross country
-10am - 11:30am - Instrument ground lesson
-11:30am - 1:30pm - Instrument flight lesson
-2pm - 4pm - Instrument flight lesson
Home 4:30pm

Thursday (5.4 Hours Logged)

-Arrived at 6:15 for preflight brief
-6:45am-9am Private checkride prep flight
-9:15am - 10am Weekly instructor meeting
-10:30am-12:30pm Solo cross country ground
-12:30pm-2:30pm Instrument cross country flight
-3:30pm-5:30pm Instrument cross country flight
Home 6pm

Friday (5.8 Hours Logged)


-Arrived at 6:15 for preflight brief
-6:45-8:45am Instrument flight lesson
-9:45 - 1:15 Instrument flight lesson
Home 1:45pm