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A Typical Trip At A Regional Airline

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Paul Putintsev,

I to am a truck driver i wanna come work with you to make that kind of money so I can pay for my pilot school.

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Lots of great info here.

Coming in with an ASEL PPL and Instrument Rating at 136~ hours, how easy of a transition will it be into ATP school since I’m lacking the MER?

I know every situation varies, but I’m seriously considering flipping my (and my wife’s) life upside down to pursue the job I’ve always loved of having. Some see this as a job opportunity, I see it as a lifetime supply of adventures!



The vast majority of people who transition to ATP do not have their ME rating. The ME is (IMO) the easiest add-on there is. Flying a twin is really not much different that a single. It’s what happens when you lose one of those engines when things get interesting and that’s what ME training is, what happens when you lose an engine. Short answer, no biggy.




If you go to ATP, you will need to start over with the instrument training as they start students with either zero hours, or a PPL, there are no other start points. Now of course you will not take the instrument checkride again, but you would go through the same training.


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Very good description of a typical day. I’m currently a United employee ( Ramp Agent) working on PPL. However, I’ve been thinking about applying as a flight attendant to increase my income, that way, I can pay to get more hours. Will The fact of being in the company already help whenever I meet the airline requirements to apply for a pilot slot?



While the company will respect that you have worked for them, it really doesn’t do a whole heck of a lot in the hiring process. The airlines hire pilots, they will be more concerned with flight time and experience than with anything else.

I would not waste time being an FA as they really do not make that much. I would take out a loan and go to flight school.




That really depends on the airline. Some could care less but others like to see employees come up through the ranks. Delta as a matter of fact just introduced a program to help current employees in other workgroups become pilots.


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Thank you for your inputs.