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(Nikhil Shah) #23

Why would you say persue degree (I understand that as graduation) before flight school? I assume it’s best to do flight school at 18 yrs and then while gaining 1500 hrs work on the graduation. Did I misunderstand?



Because you’re young. First and foremost your still in “school mode”. You’ve been in class, been studying and it’s something you’re comfortable at. To do well in aviation you’ll need a degree so you might as well just keep going as it can be very challenging to get back and return to that mentality later. Second as much as I’m sure you’re sure you want to be a pilot you’re still young and things change. The fact is ATP won’t even take your money unless you have at least 2 yrs of college. They dropped that requirement at one point and it was a disaster. This program is VERY intense, requires tremendous discipline and it’s best done after some level of commitment (as in a degree) has been demonstrated. That’s why.




We recommend going to college first, then flight training because it is simply easier to stay in the school environment and finish up your degree, which you will need for the majors anyways. Furthermore, ATP will not accept students without two years of college, two years of work experience, or a PPL anyways. Finally, flying take a great deal of maturity, there is a big difference between an 18 year old and a 22 year old.


(Nikhil Shah) #26

Maybe, I didn’t look closely, but I didn’t see that ATP will not accept with out 2 yr degree



That’s not a maybe, it’s a requirement.




Part of being a pilot is paying extremely close attention to detail: