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A bit overwhelmed with intro to Instrument

(Steve Kittel) #21

That’s good to know. I don’t start till May but I’ll be knocking as much out as I can before I start.

(Zachary Porter) #22

Any clue if that is only if you come in with private credit? Not seeing it on mine and I’m in instrument atm

(Brent) #23

I would think all students at the instrument level would receive it, regardless if they got their private at ATP or elsewhere. It should be directly below the links for the ATP modules. If you don’t see it, I’d call ATP.

(Zachary Porter) #24

Thanks I’ll do that!

(Kyle Johnson) #25

Team, ATP is now offering Kings Instrument written as part of the curriculum. It showed up in my student extranet at the end of week 1 for private. Also, they gave me the private practical course and the Garmin 430/530 course. Hope this helps!


I am not sure it is official yet, but everybody should be seeing the additional King software very soon.