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94 days and counting!

(Rachelle Thomas) #1

Hey everybody!
I’m super excited to say that I get to start at the PDK location February 4th! I’ve been dying to get started, but a broken knee cap sort of delayed my plans. But I’m all set to go now, and I’m working on getting as many of the writtens done as I can. I just wanted to thank everybody on here that has posted, because all of this information has been incredibly valuable to me over the past year. Just about every question I had was already answered several times over in the forum, and it made the whole decision process a lot easier. Thank you all so much! I’m super excited!



That is great news! Please continue to check in with us as you go through the program, we are always here to use as a resource and to help provide guidance.


(Rachelle Thomas) #3

So I have started the program and I’m loving it so far! It is definitely a ton of information, and I can already tell it was a great idea to get as many of the writtens out of the way as I could. I was able to take the PAR, IFR, and FII before starting, and I’m working on the commercial to get it done as soon as I can. My instructor just got out of stands and he has been awesome. The weather hasn’t been too friendly, but that’s just a part of it! Can’t wait to get back in the plane!



I am glad to hear that you are doing well in the program. Please keep us up to date.

Good work on those writtens!