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7 on/7 off schedule

(Robert Spencer) #1

I was looking at the fractionals on APC and I saw that a 7/7 schedule is pretty common. This type of schedule seems very appealing. Is it possible to get this kind of schedule in the airlines?

(Tory) #2


Technically, yes. Pilots are limited to working no more than 7 days in a row without 30 hours of rest or waiving the mandatory rest requirement. The probability of any schedule depends on seniority.



All things are possible with seniority.




You might get that schedule eventually, but take a look at my schedules to get an idea as to what a junior pilot gets monthly.


(M) #5

How far ahead does a pilot know their schedule for the month? I’m thinking about how I could plan for days being home with a spouse in the military that may be on a similar schedule.


It’s varies with different airlines but you usually bid your schedule the first week of the month prior and know it by the second week (usually by day the 10th give or take). Again as you gain seniority you pretty much know what you’re going to get.



I get my schedule on the 17th of the prior month. For example, on January 17th, I will get my February schedule.

(M) #8

Thanks guys. That’s good to know. I’m headed to ATP’s CFI “Academy” next week and I’m starting to do a lot more research for the long term. I’m not looking forward to grinding it out as a CFI but I am looking forward to learning as much as possible as an instructor and doing my best to benefit GA for the time I’ll be in the right seat of an Archer/172.