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49 year old to old to begin career pilot training

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Thanks guys. 18 days a month is no issue and Envoy seems like a logical choice for me . Miami based (90 minutes by car from my house in Naples). I can’t thank you both enough for the guidance. I really thought the age issue would be a show stopper. So on the days you work if your day in Dallas (using Envoy) as an example the regional would pay for the hotel that night? They mention you get like 4 per month? That says to me they want you back in say Miami every night. Just curious how that works.





We are here to be mentors. Feel free to ask us any questions you may think of.




In regards to the hotels, I believe you are confusing two different things. The airlines will pay for all of your hotels while on the road for them, period. It sounds like Envoy is also paying for up to four hotels per month in base for pilots that commute. This helps commuting pilots avoid having to have a crashpad.


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Airlines pay for hotels for crews on duty away from base. For example, I am SEA based and tonight we finish our day in SFO. The hotel in SFO is covered by the airline.


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Great info guys. I have a friend in the airpark where I live FA37 that owns a twin Beach that is willing to let me build some time in for the 25 hours just for the cost of fuel. Now he is not a CFI so if I am in the right seat does that count towards the 25 hours? I know I will need to pay a CFI to do some of the training to get the rating itself, but maybe it is best to wait to get the rating then use his plane and I can fly from the right seat as a CFI and that would give me PIC in a twin? Thoughts?



If you’re in the right seat, since the Beech doesn’t require 2 pilots, you can log the time as safety pilot but that would be questionable if you don’t have the rating. I’d get the rating then go for time. With all your time I’m sure you’re good but check the rest of the ATP requirements and make sure you don’t need any other misc hours:


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From one CFI to another, you should know the answer to that question about logging hours :grimacing:




Right seat time in a twin engine airplane is not logable time unless you are acting as a safety pilot for a left seater that is under the hood practicing instrument time. I would suggest actually getting your multi license first, then work on building multi flight time.

You cannot act as a CFI in a multi unless you have an MEI add on to your CFI certificate, which is another checkride.


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Got it makes sense thank you.

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Tony, I knew the answer just trying to figure out the ME side something I have never considered before.