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2-year vs 4-year degree

I’m working on my 2-year degree before I start ATP. I am currently 18 about to be 19. I was wondering can people with 2-year degrees work for the mainline or just regional carriers?


You will absolutely need a four year degree to be looked at seriously by the major airlines. While most of the majors do not have a hard and fast requirement for a four year degree listed on their necessary qualifications, the reality is that they do not hire people who do not have them.


Thank you sir. My two year degree is in aviation management. What and where would I need to go to get my four to help me in the aviation world? Was thinking of working for an regional airline while trying to get my four year. Thoughts?


That’s a very common practice. Many pilots work on getting their BAs while being employed at a Regional. There are any number of online programs you can look at but I’ve heard good things about Embry Riddle. Since you’ll already have a 2 yr degree, plus the credits they give for flight training I’ve been told it’s an easy process. That said I encourage you to do your research as you have plenty of time.


ERAU is a good one, I used Utah Valley State University and I have no complaints. For my 36± credits it saved me a decent amount of money over ERAU.


Did they give you any credit for your time at ATP? I’ve heard of some schools giving credit for some courses because of the fact you are already a pilot and was curious if Utah Valley is one of them. Thanks!

I never went to ATP but I got credit for Type Ratings held and some other stuff. I don’t remember how many credits but for me, UVSU took more transfer credits than ERAU.

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I received 34 transfer credits for the ratings that I got at ATP when I enrolled at ERAU. That saved me about a year of classes.


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Eastern New Mexico University looks to have a couple of nice aviation science degree programs (BS & BAAS) that you can transfer you ATP training into; if you have an associates degree already, even better. The nice thing is if you take 6 credit hours or less online each semester you can get in-state tuition.

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About how long would it take to finish an associates degree online at ERAU? Is it just around 2 years?

I ask because I’ve heard mixed answers, both less and more.




I am sure that Yarden will have an answer for this, but to clarify; there is very little point in obtaining an Associates Degree. You will need a bachelor’s degree for the major airlines.


Hey Eric,

So in my case, with 34 transfer credits for the ratings I got at ATP, I will be eligible to get an Associates sometime this summer. I began in January of last year, so that is about a year and a half.